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Metta Vihara means ‘place of loving kindness’. The retreats at Metta Vihara are founded in the Buddhist tradition but are open to men and women of all denominations.

Register or ask information. See the calendar in Retreats in the Low Countries. Retreats in English will be marked. Please feel free to write or call us in English.

Uncontrived Mindfulness: from Awareness to Wisdom

December  20 – 29, 2019: retreat in English, led by Vajradevi and Amritapurna. See also this page.

Awareness is crucial to Insight, but a dharma perspective is even more important. Without ‘Right View’ informing our everyday perspective, we run the risk of reinforcing ‘wrong views’. Mindfulness and Right View give us tools to relate to ourselves in ways that don’t create further suffering for ourselves or others.

The retreat will mainly be in silence to facilitate turning inwards, although most days there will be input, using the framework of the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha’s primary teaching on Mindfulness. In the evenings there will be simple ritual practice.

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A retreat provides an opportunity to leave behind the cares of daily life: no rushing, stress or noise. It provides an opportunity to look at that which arises in the moment and to observe ones’ self, others and ones’ surroundings. From this, an awareness arises of the challenges, pitfalls and superficialities which predominate in daily life.

Metta Vihara offers retreats for everyone, ranging from introductory retreats to intensive retreats for experienced participants to Mindfulness.

The retreat leaders, cooks and all those involved in the organisation of Metta Vihara retreats provide their services on a voluntary basis.

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Besides information on all the retreats organized by Metta Vihara, the retreat program also provides an overview of the other (Buddhist) activities taking place in the retreat center. (See activities with white background).

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