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2024.07 – Young Buddhist Retreat

Date(s) - vr 29 mrt 2024
ma 01 apr 2024


Unveiling the Sky-like Mind

With Bodhimati and Abhayamuni

‘The Buddha described consciousness as luminous but veiled by defilements’

Although our minds are said to be inherently luminous and radiant, this radiance often remains concealed. It is our deeply ingrained habits and unhelpful inner narratives that
conceal our true potential.
In this retreat we will be using meditation and the teachings of the Buddha, to break free of limitations in order to become more truly alive, more creative, and more able to face the challenges of life.
To help guide us we will be drawing on the inspiring story of Milarepa, the 12th century mystic Yogi from Tibet. After renouncing worldly attachments, Milarepa dedicated years to dwelling in a cave meditating in the pursuit of unobstructed freedom.

How can we follow in his footsteps while living in this modern age?

Teachings at this retreat will be done in English.

Standard: € 160,-
Concession: € 125,-

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