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The retreat center

The retreat centre lies in a rural setting of farms and fields surrounding Hengstdijk, a small village in Dutch Flanders. It is situated between the small towns of Hulst and Terneuzen.

The brand new building accommodates 22 persons. Located on the ground floor are a meditation hall (55 m2); a dining hall/multifunctional meeting area (43m2) which includes a counter for making coffee/tea and a fridge; a library/sitting room (30m2); and a bedroom suitable for 2 people with a physical disability. On the first floor one finds the bedrooms. There are 4 single rooms and 8 doubles, each with an individual ensuite bathroom.

Behind the retreat centre lies the small natural reserve ‘De Putting’- a marshy area where farmland birds brood in the spring and geese forage in the winter. Four kilometers from the centre one finds the estuary ‘Westerschelde’. Ten kilometers from the centre lies the ‘Drowned Land of Saeftinghe’, an expansive area of flood plains in the Westerschelde.

The building accommodates 22 persons.

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