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2023.15 – Young Womens Retreat

Date(s) - wo 28 jun 2023
zo 02 jul 2023


– The Taste of Freedom –

Led by Satyanita from Sweden and Simharava from Germany

The point of being a Buddhist is to free ourselves from whatever keeps us trapped in a mundane and repetitive cycle. But how do we do that, and what does real freedom mean?

This is a retreat for women in their 20s and 30s who have been practising for some time in Triratna and would like to go deeper. It is an opportunity for us as younger women in various parts of Europe to get to know each other, deepen our connections, and practice the Dharma together.

On the retreat we will explore a pivotal point in the Buddhist path where we have our first taste of real freedom. Traditionally this is called ‘stream entry’ –we enter the stream that leads to the ocean of Enlightenment. At this point we break three fetters that prevent us from entering the stream, or we could say, from reaching our full potential. We take a good look at these and see how they play out in our lives, both individually and collectively, and we explore ways in which we can loosen, and eventually break them.

Standard: €200,-
Concession: €150,-

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