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2022.16 – The brahma vihara’s

Date(s) - za 30 jul 2022
zo 07 aug 2022


– Cultivating loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity –

with Satyaraja and Joris from Padmaloka.

Metta is the fundamental Buddhist positive emotion. But Metta is like a multi-faceted diamond. It transforms into compassion when it meets suffering, into sympathetic joy when it meets happiness, and into equanimity when one concentrates on developing an equal love.

Sangharakshita calls metta the emotion which is in harmony with reality and metta is thus the emotional equivalent of Insight. The brahmaviharas embody the attitudes necessary for the development of spiritual friendship and the creation of Sangha.

During the retreat we will explore and develop the brahmavihara meditation practices.

The retreat will be a mixture of teaching, practice, ritual and a chance to engage with each other. Periods of the retreat will be in silence to support meditation. During the retreat you will also have a chance to discuss your mediation practice with one of the team members.

The retreat is led in English by Satyaraja, a senior order member who has lived at Padmaloka Retreat Centre for many years as part of the Ordination team. The retreat is supported by Joris. Joris is originally from Belgium but lives and works in Padmaloka.

The retreat is meant for people who are familiar with the basic meditation practices in Triratna (Metta Bhavana and Mindfulness of Breathing) and are open to puja.


Tarief / Rate
standaard / standard: €545,-
korting / concession: €455,-

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