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2022.13 – The Play of Now

Date(s) - vr 03 jun 2022
ma 06 jun 2022


– living in an interconnected world –
with Jayachitta and Akasasuri

“… everything is interconnected and nothing can ever really be ordinary – in the sense of being without deeper meaning – at all.”

The Essential Sangharakshita, p.256

Guided by metta and mindfulness we try to find our way within an increasingly complex world. As crises hit us and major events leave an impact, we might ask ourselves whether we can contribute to something better. How do we live in an interconnected world, honouring others, while not neglecting ourselves? How do we not just know, but experience, how we and the world – other people and all of nature – are deeply connected?

Drawing on poetry, meditation and practice of body-based improvisation, we will spend time practicing together – in the shrine room and outside, exploring how to live simply within complexity.

Jayachitta has no other income other than what is given to her freely on a dana basis when people attend her events and retreats.
Dana (generosity) is an essential Buddhist virtue and principle meaning: ‘give what you can and take what you need’.

The retreat rate for The Play of Now (standard 210 euro or concessionary 175 euro) covers Metta Vihara’s costs for the retreat.
We would really welcome any extra financial gift to support Jayachitta in this way of living.

She’s a passionate woman, a serious practising Buddhist and with a very open, creative mind towards people and the world.

You can give during the event ‘The Play of Now’ or transfer extra money before the start of the retreat into the account of Metta Vihara [NL35 TRIO 0212 4425 03] with reference to ‘Jayachitta personal’.


Jayachitta has practiced Buddhism since 1981 and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1990. She uses physical theatre, play and improvisation as additional approaches to the spiritual life. She lives in Berlin and this is her website:


Deze retraite is in het Engels / Teachings at this retreat will be done in English.


Tarief / Rate
standaard / standard: €210,-
korting / concession: €175,-

Book here / Boek hier

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